Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The white dress.

No it isn't that white dress. The white dress that I walked down the aisle in is done. It was beautiful but I will never wear it again. The white dress that I am going to tell you about is both brand new and almost 7 years old.

The spring break of my junior year of college, I went to Disneyland to visit a friend. While I was there I tried on and loved a white strapless eyelet lace sundress, from BCBG. It fit perfectly, but it cost almost $200, which is just about 5 times what I felt comfortable spending on a dress.

Kind of like this one.

Like I said it fit perfectly and I loved it, so when I got home from the trip, I went online and ordered it. I spent about a months worth of grocery money on that dress, but it would be worth it, I told myself. It was so cute, I could wear it forever.

By the time it was delivered, it was just a little too snug. I could get it zipped, but it just looked tight, so I hung it in the closet, and told myself I just needed to drop those few pounds, maybe 5 and it would fit like it did in the store.

That was the last time I was that small.

Since then my weight has climbed and climbed and climbed, and I am almost double the size I was then. Four times the size I was in high school. Almost double the weight.

I still have that dress. It is hanging in my closet, and someday I am going to wear it, out on a date with my husband. I am going to lose enough weight to look great in a strapless size 10 (BCBG so normal size 8 ish) eyelett cotton dress.

That day will be my victory day.