Friday, March 23, 2012

100 mile month

Boy this fitness thing can really be addictive. The thing is, that for people who aren't into fitness, it can be really annoying. I spent a lot of years being annoyed by the "exercise junkies", preferring the much easier form of "cookie junkie" and I truly perfected the art. In fact, if you head over to my other blog,, there are some cookie recipes that might just knock your socks off. 

Next month is my birthday month, and it is so tempting to start thinking about all the yummy ways one could celebrate. Between those evil and amazing cadbury mini eggs for Easter, and the promise of cake at the end of the month, April might as well be December for all the calories I typically eat. 

But not this April. 

This April my gift to myself is going to be some self control, and the adrenaline rush from seeing the scale stop on a lower number every week. 

The 100 mile month

I have decided to do a 100 mile month- to challenge myself to really feel like my working out is accomplishing something. 

Here is the challenge: In the month of April, on your own steam, travel 100 miles, just for the purpose of exercise. April has 30 days, so if you plan to do it daily, that is 3 1/3 miles per day. (5.4 kilometers for you metric folks) 

You don't have to run, walking or biking, or hiking  is totally acceptable. They can be actual miles, outside, or figurative miles in a treadmill in the gym. 

Document your progress, however you want. Link here to your blog, or keep a note in your phone. Make a chart and hang it on your fridge, or take notes on the back of an IKEA receipt from your purse. 

You can make a plan, make a calendar of all the different ways that you can travel, or just play it by ear. I am doing this as my birthday gift to myself, why are you? 


  1. I am not big on working out, but really want to start to discipline myself to be. I think this is going to be the challenge for me. I love being outside, and this is the perfect time of year for it. Thank you for the breakdown per day. When you say '100-mile month' it sounds so scary and intimidating.. but 3 1/3 miles a day is not scary at all.

  2. That is kind of how I felt- and then at the end of the month it will feel like SUCH an accomplishment!

  3. I want to join you!! But I need to figure out how many miles an hour of Zumba is. And if Zumba actually counts. ;) <3 Anna

  4. Anna, Zumba totally counts! Could you Zumba with a pedometer on? And count each step?


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