30 Active Hours

The 30 Active hours is My challenge for May 2012, but it could be done in any month. (It might be rough in February) Since May at least offers one day off from the hour a day.

The idea is simple. Clock all the time you spend being intentionally active- going for walks and hikes, running, Zumba, anything. Add it up as you go!

In my 100 mile month, I found that having a month goal really helped motivate me to go to the gym on days when I would have found excuses not to. I am hoping that the 30 active hours does the same thing.

I will chart my progress on this page, and if you want to join me feel free to comment here, or keep track of them in your own way! I would love to have people link to their own blogs, if that is how you keep track!

Have a healthy May!

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