Sunday, February 26, 2012

Managing the plateau

The most frustrating part of trying to lose weight, is doing everything right and seeing zero results.

We hit the gym minimum 5 days per week, and do a hard 40 minute workout every time. I go on walks on my lunch hour, and I have restricted my calorie intake to pretty darn low- enough to keep my energy up and to keep myself out of starvation mode, but low enough that I should be seeing a change after 2 months of this. But this week, I weigh a pound more than I did last weekend, and the frustration is totally kicking in. In order to keep my motivation going, I need to push past this plateau.

So my plan is a 48 hour fruit and veggie flush- as in only fruits, veggies (and probably a bit of oil and vinegar dressing) and some tiny fancy potatoes, that i consider on the borderline of starch and veggie, because they are purple.

Davis is kind of doing this with me, he is cutting out dairy and starches, but eating meat still, because if we are using the broiler we might as well throw a steak under there.

This is the spoils of our trip to the grocery store:

Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck...sounds like a good plan...I have lost 40 pounds on weight watchers...lots of fruits and veggies and lean meats.

  2. This might sound counter-intuitive, but sometimes increasing your calories by 100-200 calories per day will jump start your weight loss.

  3. No it totally makes sense! If you are in "starvation mode" your body is saving everything it can get! My hope is that the only produce idea will bump up my nutrients enough to make my body realize it is getting more of the good stuff.

  4. Yay for fruit and veggie flush!!! I'm joining you guys!
    <3 Anna


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