Thursday, January 19, 2012

I challenge you to a Dual Challenge Duel

From now on I am going to post a 2 part weekly challenge on Thursday or Friday. The weekend portion will be focused on activity, and the weekday portion will be focused on diet. I think that a little peer pressure goes a long way, and that if I feel like my blog readers expect me to do something, then I am more likely to do it.

So for the inaugural weekly challenge:

Weekend challenge: This weekend I challenge everyone to do a "slow burn" type of activity in addition to whatever they were planning on doing for exercise. To me a "slow burn" is something where you are marginally more active for a long time, like a nice long walk, or a slow swim, or even the extra calories you burn from cleaning the house. (See how I'm trying not to interfere with the stuff you have to get done?) Add one extra hour of slow burn activity to your weekend each day.

The week challenge is to add something healthy to your meals this week, that is not a part of your diet. If you don't like lentils, try a lentil curry, if you don't typically go for zucchini, try some broiled with a hint of pepper. Add something that is on my super healthy foods list to your diet, even just one night this week. It doesn't have to be something you don't like, just something you rarely eat!

Here are some ideas:
Acorn Squash
Bell Peppers

These are just a few ideas for things that some people don't eat on a regular basis. Try adding walnuts or blueberries to your pancakes, replace cold cereal with oatmeal, or try adding lentils to a soup.

I hope this inspires someone to join me in trying to add one little thing per week, to help get in shape!

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