Thursday, December 1, 2011

15 down

I am 15 pounds lighter than I was a month ago, when we decided to start working out.

I have never seen progress like this before. The last time I pushed hard and tried to lose weight was before my wedding. I had 2 goals;
1) look good in the most expensive piece of clothing I would ever wear, and
2) Have the endurance to dance all night and enjoy the amazing party that was my wedding.

I definitely got into better shape. I went for a run one day on my lunch break and realized it was a nice break from work. For at least 6 months before the wedding I ran at least 30 minutes 3 days per week.

I think the reason I didn't lose the weight was the eating. I made an effort to eat healthy foods and make healthy choices, but so often "healthy foods" are full of unhealthy calories. For example- Salad- Healthy- 4 tablespoons of full fat blue cheese? Not so much.

So I met part of my goal. I got into better shape. The morning of my wedding I went for a run and it actually felt good. And I danced all night. It felt great. But that morning of the wedding was the last time I ran. Somehow I just never got back into shape to get back out there, and without the motivation of the wedding there was nothing stopping me from putting it off until tomorrow.

So What is different now?


Counting calories lets me do things like eat a spoon of Nutella if I am craving it. And still wake up in the morning and look down at a smaller number on the scale.

In order to be full and not stabby due to crankiness I need to eat a lot of nutrient rich low calorie foods, like veggies. (Veggies sans dressing) which I really like.

I like working out a little less, but I always feel so proud of myself after the fact.

And 15 pounds down feels good.


  1. Yay Tova!!! We love you!!! When I come visit Calgary, maybe we can do some Zumba!! As you know, Zumba changed my life. PS I'm coming to visit you in Calgary. Someday. When I can afford it! <3

  2. Oh, also, even though it's not "real" cheese, mini babybel lights and laughing cow lights have been a lifesaver for the cheese lover in me. 35-50 calories per serving (and 1 WW point). They get the job done!

  3. Oh Anna, you are awesome. I do love the babybel's and I need to try laughing cow again, I ate them a lot in Europe and they were so good!


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