Friday, April 27, 2012

The final push.

4 days left and 15.48 miles to go. That is an average of 3.87 miles per day. Totally do-able!

I didn't really stick to my calendar at all, but I have stuck to my goal, and knowing that I went 100 miles in April, just feels amazing. I feel like I want a challenge to keep me going for May.  I am thinking something more hours based, maybe 50 hours? If I count things like hikes, and my lunchtime walks that might be a push, but it could be do-able! Maybe 40 is more possible? I want a goal that takes daily diligence, but that you can make up if you need a day off once in a while. That way it is achievable, but it will get my bum off the couch!

I just feel like I can DO this!

less than 16 miles to go before 100!

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