Friday, April 20, 2012

Right on target

Thanks to my workout last night, I am right on target for my miles challenge. Luckily for me the weekend is scheduled to be sunny!

Since the 15th, when I realized I had more miles left than month, I have been pushing to get caught up. And now that I am, I feel great. It is like when you are all caught up on your homework, and it is Friday, and you have the whole weekend to go play.

That extra push of motivation to get off the couch is why I am doing this challenge, and part of that is the accountability of putting it all out there on the internet!

So let's see how far I have gone, shall we? (all map origins are my gym)

I have gone all the way from my gym, to Canmore!

Seeing this on a map, makes me feel so great about how far I have gone, and how a little bit every day can really add up!

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