Monday, April 23, 2012

pretty miles

On Friday and Saturday I was a total slacker. This last week had just zapped my energy and all i wanted to do was to be cat furniture at home. (anyone who is still at my house runs the risk of being cat furniture)

But On Sunday I thought of my challenge, and I felt guilty. (Which is good, since that is the whole point of the challenge)

So we went to the gym, and I was just having a good workout day. We wound up working out for a full hour, and I logged in 7 miles. It felt great, and it made up for Saturday and Friday, but it still had me doing a 0 for Sunday.

So after lunch we decided to co on a walk around Calgary to get in our daily miles.

I snapped a few pictures on our walk, and you can see what a perfect day it was! Add to that the 70 degree weather, and you can see how it would be hard to stay inside.

I hope everyone had as productive and wonderful a weekend as I had!

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